Candlekeep is a many towered fortress library that stands on a crag, looking down upon the Sea of Swords. The library is filled with books and scrolls of knowledge, and was the home of the great seer Alaundo. To gain entry to the halls of wisdom, a visitor must gift the library collection with a new tome of immense value. The shrewd gatekeepers accept tomes of no less than 1,000gp.


The small community of primarily human monks and scholars residing in Candlekeep mainly favors Oghma, the god of knowledge, as well as the intermediate deity, Gond, and the lesser deities, Deneir and Milil.


The Avowed is the name the monks of Candlekeep call themselves. The Avowed are ruled by the Keeper of the Tomes, Ulraunt, and his assistant, First Reader Tethtoril.

Persons of Interest


A powerful scholar and mage, Gorion has since put off the adventurer’s cloak and become foster-father and mentor to a small group of young adults. His reasons for doing so are unclear and seem to be as disparate as the children he cares for.


A proud and haughty wizard, Ulraunt is the Keeper of the Tomes of Candlekeep.


A wise and soft-spoken man, Tethtoril is often mistaken for Keeper of Tomes but in fact is the First Reader of Candlekeep.


Innkeeper to the Candlekeep Inn, his hotel is “as clean as an elven arse”. Winthrop employs a rough sense of humor and is not well-liked by his assistant, Imoen.


The only other young adult in Candlekeep, Imoen is the innkeeper’s assistant. Fun-loving but mischievous, she makes frequent use of her rogue skills by sneaking away from work and investigating the possessions of the patrons.


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