The Forgotten Realms has a robust and interesting pantheon of deities. The most commonly known greater deities in Faerûn are as follows:


Lord Ao

Lord Ao is the god who supervises all other gods. He acknowledges no mortal worshipers and does not interact with them except in the most unusual circumstances, such as the Time of Troubles

Greater Deities

Akadi – Neutral

Goddess of Movement, Speed, and Air Elementals

Asmodeus – Lawful Evil

God of sin, King of the Nine Hells

Bane – Lawful Evil

God of hatred, fear, and tyranny

Chantea – Neutral Good

Goddess of Agriculture, farmers, gardeners, and summer

Cyric – Chaotic Evil

God of murder, lies, intrigue, strife, deception, and illusion

Grumbar – True Neutral

God of elemental earth, solidity, changelessness, and oaths

Istishia – True Neutral

God of elemental water, purification, wetness

Kelemvor – Lawful Neutral

God of death and the dead.

Kossuth – True Neutral

God of elemental fire and purification through fire

Lathander – Neutral Good

God of spring, dawn, birth, youth, vitality, and athletics

Lloth – Chaotic Evil

Goddess of Drow, spiders, darkness, chaos, evil, assassination

Mystra – Neutral Good

Goddess of magic, and spells

Oghma – True Neutral

God of Knowledge, invention, inspiration, and bards

Selûne – Chaotic Good

Goddess of the moon, stars, navigation, prophecy, questers, and good or neutral lycanthropes

Shar – Neutral Evil

Goddess of dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, and the Underdark

Silvanus – True Neutral

God of wild nature and druids

Sune – Chaotic Good

Goddess of beauty, love, and passion

Talos – Chaotic Evil

God of storms, destruction, rebellion, conflagrations, earthquakes, and vortices

Tempus – Chaotic Neutral

God of war, battle, and warriors

Torm – Lawful Good

God of duty, loyalty, obedience, and paladins

Tyr – Lawful Good

God of Justice

Intermediate Deities:

Gond – Neutral

God of artifice, craft, construction, and smithwork
Serves Oghma

Helm – Lawful Neutral

God of guardians, protectors, and protection

Ilmater – Lawful Good

God of endurance, suffering, martyrdom, and perseverance
Serves Tyr

Mask – Neutral Evil

God of thieves, thievery, and shadows

Mielikki – Neutral Good

Goddess of forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, and autumn
Serves Silvanus

Tiamat – Lawful Evil

Goddess of evil dragons, evil reptiles, and greed

Tymora – Chaotic Good

Goddess of good fortune, skill, victory, and adventurers

Umberlee – Chaotic Evil

Goddess of oceans, currents, waves, and sea winds
Serves Talos

Waukeen – Neutral

Goddess of trade, money, and wealth

Noteworthy Racial Gods:

Moradin – Lawful Good

God of dwarves, protection, creation, smithing, metalcraft, and stonework

Garl Glittergold – Neutral Good

God of gnomes, protection, humor, trickery, and gem cutting

Yondalla – Lawful Good

Goddess of halflings, protection, bounty, children, security, leadership, wisdom, creation, family, and tradition

Corellon Larethian – Chaotic Good

God of elves, magic, music, arts, crafts, war, poetry, bards, and warriors


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