The Sword Coast

The Sword Coast Setting


This map represents the portion of the world known to the characters at the start of the campaign.


The region encompassed by the game is roughly bordered to the South by the Cloud Peaks, the East by the Wood of Sharp Teeth, the West by the Sea of Swords, and the North by Baldur’s Gate-the largest and most affluent city in the region. Collectively called the Sword Coast, it attracts adventurers for good and evil alike, and provides the backdrop for this grand adventure.

Major Settlements in the Sword Coast

The North/South highway on the map is known as the Coast Way. At its peak lies famed Baldur’s Gate.

South from Baldur’s Gate along the Coast Way is a fortified town called The Friendly Arm.

South of the Friendly Arm is the crossroads of the Coast Way and the Lion’s Way. West from the crossroads is the fortified library-city of Candlekeep, where the players start their adventure.

South of the fork brings one first to the small city of Beregost before taking them to the larger city of Nashkel.

Threats in the Sword Coast

Wildlife varies by location but players can expect to encounter a variety of species, ranging from bears and wolves to basilisks and wyverns.

The Sword Coast and Wood of Sharp Teeth are well-named, however, and wildlife is not the main concern for most adventurers here. Predators more challenging than mere gibberlings and kobolds roam the forest; parties are advised to stick together lest they find themselves facing groups of bandits, hobgoblins, or gnolls by themselves.

The Sword Coast

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